Go waterless

Because (water)less is more

Most haircare products contain up to 90% water and come in a wasteful plastic bottle.

We took the water out and completely reimagined what a shampoo should be.  No water means a more concentrated formula, which translates to less packaging and less waste.

How it works


Bring a tab into the shower with you. When you're ready to wash, place the tab in your hand and press down to crush the tab into your palm.

2) Add water

Add a small amount of water to the crushed tab to form a paste in your hand. Massage the paste into your hair and scalp.

3) lather

Continue adding water to your hair until your preferred amount of lather is achieved. Rinse, condition (if needed) and shine on with your day!

It's easy to use and makes me feel good about one less plastic bottle in the shower. Slowly replacing all of them, one by one. On my second container and won't go back.

Marissa G.

I am using my third container (no bottle! no plastic! And no mess!) of these shampoo tabs. I love the way my hair feels. Not only am I happy about not buying and tossing a plastic bottle, I really, genuinely like how this shampoo works in my hair. They are very portable and easy to use. The whole experience is great!

Lisa O.

It's true that it doesn't have the same waxy feel that many people experience when trying to switch to shampoo bars which is incredible.

Kim R.