Haircare, reimagined. Sustainable, water-activated concentrates made with only the ingredients you need for clean, healthy hair.

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Waterless haircare for you + the planet

The beauty industry has a huge problem - most products contain up to 90% water, are filled with chemicals, and come in wasteful plastic packaging. We're setting out to change all that with our line of 100% waterless haircare products. Waterless means less waste, no nasty chemicals, and your best hair ever.

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Better for your hair + the planet

No water means a more concentrated formula, which translates to less packaging and less waste.

It also means far fewer preservatives. We only use the ingredients you need for clean, healthy hair, and we never use sulfates parabens, or phthalates. Our shampoo powders are made from coconut derived cleansers, botanicals, and a light blend of essential oils.

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Designed for all of life's adventures

We want everyone to be able to explore this beautiful planet without worrying about leaky shampoo bottles or wasteful travel size products. Because they are free of water, our shampoos make the perfect travel companion!

TSA-friendly, leak-free, and adventure-approved.