Our mission is to help reduce waste in our routines

Here's what we're doing and why it makes a difference

We took water out of the equation

Conventional shampoo is up to 80% water. Why package and ship plastic bottles filled with mostly water, when we can add our own right in the shower? Removing the water means less waste, no harsh chemicals, and no need for plastic bottles. 

We package sustainably

Our shampoo powders come in an infinately recyclable aluminum container. You can choose to add a plastic shaker cap or order a fully aluminum refill bottle!

We ship sustainably

We ship our goods in kraft paper mailers made from 100% recycled paper and printed with algae ink. 

We are adventure-approved

Waterless means leak-free and travel-friendly! Because our products are waterless, they are not subject to liquids rules at airport security.

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